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The tapestry has had several lucky breakouts. Its existence has been marked by periods of turbulence when it was in danger or in serious danger of being damaged. After being saved several times, the tapestry has survived and continues to reveal its secrets today.

By the 16th century, Flanders , the towns of Oudenaarde, Brussels , Geraardsbergen , and Enghien had become the centers of European tapestry production. In the 17th century, Flemish tapestries were arguably the most important productions, with many specimens of this era still extant, demonstrating the intricate detail of pattern and color embodied in painterly compositions, often of monumental scale.

The Tapestry

A tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom. Tapestry is weft weaving, in which all warp threads are hidden in the finished work, unlike fabric weaving where warp and weft threads can be seen. In tapestry weaving, the weft threads are generally discontinuous; The craftsman interweaves each colored weft in his own pattern area. It is a single sided weft weave having different colored weft threads worked on portions of the warp to form the pattern.
Maison Tahissa has a beautiful tapestry here in Trésor. Since 1993, it has remained an inexhaustible source of tapestry for clients and artists around the world. It will once again be at the center of concerns in recent years, with the creation of a new decor that will be presented at Maison Tahissa.

Like a complex masterpiece of undeniable beauty, the tapestry is an astonishing world that draws its inspiration from the richness of life.

Crafted to perfection, every square inch of tapestry is a work of art carefully crafted to give you the best in life. Its distinctive design uses a beautiful and unique curtain wall feature that is mostly seen in luxury homes.

Important choice of tapestries of the XV °, XVI °, XVII °, XVIII °, XIX °, XX °, & Contemporary.

Tapestries from Flanders: Enghien tapestry , Brussels , Oudenaarde . Tapestries from La Marche: Felletin tapestry and Aubusson tapestries .

Tapestries from Beauvais and Gobelins .

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